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Subscribe Me™ Pro

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Tested to over 2,000,000 (Yes, that's MILLION) e-mails!
Results depend on available server resources and reliable Internet throughput.
Completely run from a browser. No text files to edit.
Edit configurations from your Administration panel.
Unlimited Mailing Lists!
Mail-back confirmation to subscriber of mailing list subscription and removal.
Mail-back confirmation to Administrator of mailing list subscription and removal, option to the Administrator.
List Importer for importing existing mailing lists. Filters out improperly formatted addresses, extra carriage returns, and duplicate addresses!
Customize the mailing responses that each list receives.
Sophisticated "User Management" system which protects your Admin from unauthorized access.
Include automatic Add or Remove links in each e-mail, so users can add/remove themselves easily.
Effectiveness Tracking - unique to Subscribe Me Pro. Tracks all "clicks" from links placed in your mailings. Used to keep track of which mailings are/were effective and which are/were not.
Works on both UNIX and NT machines that are properly configured to run CGI programs! Yes, including IIs!
Mail your mailings using either Sendmail, BLAT, or Sockets! (See program requirements)
NO MAILING TIMEOUTS, EVER! Even on NT web servers! (See program requirements)
View the contents of every mailing list! See every e-mail address subscribed to your mailing lists.
Create a unique "Signature" file for each mailing list.
Receive HTML code to place on your website! Subscribe Me Professional even gives you the code to place in your website for each mailing list!
Version and News updates provided every time you log into your Administration panel! (See program requirements)
Double Opt In Sign-Up option. This lets the list administrator choose to have their subscribers not only sign up but also confirm their addition prior to their e-mail address being added to the list! No more bouncing e-mails or unhappy subscribers!
HTML E-mail! Offer the power of HTML in your e-mails. Create fully interactive web page advertisements/mailings that capture your subscribers' attention. (Sendmail and Sockets mail only)
Editable HTML Responses! Modify the response screens that your customers will receive when they subscribe, unsubscribe, or receive an error.
Double-Opt Out option. Designed to ensure that the person UNsubscribing from your list is actually the e-mail address owner, not your business competitor.
Copy and Paste multiple addresses at once, using the new Batch Address Addition feature, while still ensuring your addresses are in valid format, and not duplicated in your existing list!
Full Manual Edit. For those power users, Subscribe Me Professional 2.034 Beta 5 adds the ability to edit each address by hand, without ever opening a text file!
Full List Backup Utility. Ensure that you have a safe backup copy of your lists. Unforeseen server resource problems could lead to a corrupted mailing list file. Don't lose your your precious subscribers. Back up your lists today!
Address and Domain Banning. Would you like to keep certain individuals from subscribing to your list? Are you experiencing domains that don't deliver your mailings? Now you can "ban" these addresses and domains from subscribing to your lists!
Edit the headers and footers of the administration panel pages through the admininistration panel.
Edit individual list headers and footers through the admininistration panel.
"Batch" Mailing capabilities. If you share a web server with hundreds/thousands of other customers (and most people do), you may need our Batch Mailing capabilities. This allows Subscribe Me to send your outgoing mailings in groups of predesignated amounts, during predesignated intervals. This helps to alleviate the heavy burden of a large mailing on a web server that has many other customers also competing for the same available resources!

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Looking for more? Try our Enterprise Edition.

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