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Account Sentry™ Lite

Home : Software : Account Sentry Lite

Automatic Anti-Brute Force Attack Sentry.
Easy to install and maintain.

DOWNLOAD: Click To Download - Free!
PLATFORM: Unix/Linux/Windows/MAC servers
RELEASE DATE: 01/11/2004

Download Account Sentry Lite 
Unix/Windows/Mac Version

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Key Features

Automated login sentry
Logs all access attempts
Automatic blocking of abusing IP addresses (Professional version only)
Stand-alone or integrates with Account Manager Lite/Professional
Configurable time and attempt warning
Detailed email sent to administrator once an attack is detected
Self-installer, no text/program files to edit

Product Description

What is a "brute force attack?"

A brute force attack, simply put, is an automated attempt to determine a usable username/password combination, to gain access to your private/membership areas. These programs can go through over 1,000,000 combinations in seconds.

A brute force attack program starts by iterating through all of the possible character for a single-character password. Then the program moves on to two-character password combinations. When you consider there are 26 lower case letters, 26 upper case letters, 10 digits and about 32 non-alphanumeric characters, you have about 94 possible guesses for each character in a password. For every additional character added to a password's length the possible character combinations increase exponentially. So for a two character password there are 94 possibilities for the first character and 94 possibilities for the second character. The total number of combinations is 94 X 94 or 94^2 . That's only 8836 possible character combinations and would be easily cracked in less than one second with today's computing power.

Programs like "Brutus" (link not provided for obvious reasons) can be used to guess your username/password combination in seconds.

Account Sentry Lite will instantly email you, the administrator, any time your membership area is being abused, sending you the IP address of the attacking individual, the time and date, and the number of failed access attempts. If you would like to automatically temporarily ban these IP addresses from further attempts of access, Account Sentry Professional will stop these attacks and stop them cold by automatically blocking access to IP addresses which guess incorrectly after a pre-configured number of attempts, for a pre-configured amount of time. Having a password management system isn't enough anymore. In today's security environment,you need Account Sentry to truely secure your usernames/passwords.

Tired of seeing that ugly "Authorization Required" white screen when your members enter an incorrect username/password combination? Account Sentry solves that problem too. A failed access attempt will now bring a customized response to the screen, including a way for your members to look up their account login username/password with their email address. Its free and it comes with a self-installer, so what are you waiting for? Download now!

Product Requirements 

Web server account that has CGI capabilities
Perl 5 installed on that web server. Contact your server administrator if you are unsure.
.htaccess protected private-access area
If you are using Account Manager Lite or Professional, you can use Account Sentry. Account Sentry will work with any .htaccess-protected area system.
Mail Requirements
Account Sentry requires BLAT mail for use with the NT version and Sendmail with the UNIX version in order to properly use any of the program mailing features. Account Sentry also works with your SMTP mail server, no matter the type of web server (UNIX/Linux, Windows, MAC, etc) you are using.

Download Account Sentry Lite 
Unix/Windows/Mac Version

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